Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Now isn't an option even in between mixed tapes and plastic flowers

A look
across the room
daggers as eyes
His voice like nails on the chalkboard
do you remember...
looking at me like I was crazy
cause you got me lost on 75
that was a perfect day
all the looks wrapped into one
I ache to hear your voice
to see your eyes
Say it
and mean it
I can't go a day without complaining
So "please forgive me"
while the lightning goes through my veins
you make me feel safe
remember that time
i gave you that look
and your,"what"? said everything
I should've listened to it all
I guess "mixes"
do reveal the heart
too little too late
sorry kid

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sweet Nothings & Little Black Lies

fill in the blank
those key phrases
overused and common
you know you don't  mean it
why would you
some people just can't love as much as others
that spells trouble for the little girl
you're were with tonight
she was your Novocaine for the night
Still I think you'd rather
cradle the bottle beside your bed
than her
at least it doesn't ask for anything
I used to think "how's it going to be"
when he changes
but that doesn't fit the phrase
there's a kid
I'd give anything
to "dance when the stars go blue"
but I can't
he will be at home wishing
two things
to be smoking a cigarette and to be anywhere but here
I'll be up in the sky
wishing I was anywhere but there
What I wouldn't give
to be dancing by a record player
in some dive downtown
in my dress
with him
 instead I smile pretty
and try not to think of caskets
when I smell the roses on my wrist
 instead I picture myself
laying in the fields after midnight
just remembering
because sometimes it's all you can do
what am I remembering?
comfortably numb
my antidote to life
no worries my pictures won't be ruined
if only they could see behind my eyes
They'd see
all the key phrases left unsaid

"something is messed up here
something isn't right
we're supposed to be free
I'm supposed to be mine"-Sleater-Kinney

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life is not a movie, song, or Sex and the City life contains boo- boos and bad hair cuts

I wanna drive till I hit the ocean side
wind in hair
but instead I turn and I do the right thing
Song lyrics pour into my head
I'm wishing life was a movie
instead I'm sent on errands
I trip and bruise my knee
such is life
I wanna be there
but when I get there
here is where I crave
so i turn around
counted on
and ask
"Why did we ever meet"
 i like hands
because fingerprints
are always left behind unseen 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Outbursts started with a China Cabinet

"I could have lied I'm such a fool
My eyes could never never never
Keep their cool"

I keep asking for you
but you can't pick up the phone
frantically I want to scream
 come rescue me
now now now
make him leave me alone
I'm afraid the past repeats itself
with your name on its lips
I love how i get what you're saying
when you skirt around what you mean
and tell me that you skate now
stop labeling yourself
its not who you are
you are stronger than you think you are
but maybe you're really not
kid you cut your hair you cleaned up your veins
I wonder if you will let me inside now
or if you'll decide you can save yourself
All I wanted was for someone to tell me it was ok
and i realized that maybe it was time for me to do that for you
you're my unknown number memorized
who never lies
even when you could have