Monday, October 18, 2010

Let's find a wicked game sometime at midnight

driving to nowhere
to find the answer
to my questions
to find you
in a way which you do not exist
in a physical form
repeating that same damn phrase
over and over again
that tree i kissed with my fingertips
at midnight
I close my eyes
and it's a beautiful day
and I feel the cobblestone beneath my feet
my heels being stuck in between the cracks
and now all I do is get stuck in the past
the truest lover I have ever known
one you can come back to night after night
never changing ever faithful
actions always speaking louder than words
but does it really matter because you can't change either
words can't be taken back
actions can't be undone
the past remains the same
it's love never comes apart

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Femme Fatale

Porcelain surrounds her as if it's her skin
laying on the bathroom floor
chills to skin
remembering when
and she's done with today, tomorrow, and yesterday
she's got to escape her own hideaway
memories flowing down her back
she's sick of being hated for everything she is
weird as fuck so what?
He's "small potatoes" baby doll
and she's thin as sin
fast as gin
and ready to leave for good
watch out world
these looks are gonna kill tonight

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Top advice from Elle magazine E. Jean

" If all else fails, live by these 3 rules:
1. Never trust a woman who shags married men
2. Never make a deal with a guy who wears a white belt
3***Never try to be "friends" when the affair is over.Not even the Great Gatsby could make Daisy stay. After she slobbered over his shirts, it was pretty much finished"