Thursday, January 28, 2010

Somewhere in Between Looks to Kill and Bette Davis Eyes

"Will the wind ever remember
The names it has blown in the past
With it's crutch, it's old age, and it's wisdom
It whispers "no, this will be the last"-Jimi Hendrix

Summer seeming now
 are the misty blue eyes
 which lie vacant
while the scenes repeat themselves
there is a worm eating yesterdays
like a Pink Floyd song
gone wrong
Through golden years
lies not peace
but liars of better days
History is non existent
within the hole of time
that is his mind
breathe in and out deeply
kid brother's run away
no jackets to be found
it's frigid
and the tears don't come
later on that night
makeup smeared eyes
tell the tale
she tried to hide
 with pen in hand like a knife
English Rose upon the lips
pink as blood
a letter will be written
that was only meant to burn
 the writing screams angrily
you were meant for something better
it is awoken by
the cold warmth of the fire
somehow destroying the words
releases them

Monday, January 25, 2010

We don't play the same kind of games

You say," I'll see you tomorrow
lunch is planned
noon rolls around
phone remains silent
no message received
so my girls gather round
and we gossip and talk
I remain mum about you
you never grew into society
which is probably why I like you
your eyes are original brown
I think.....
You prefer to "court" me from afar
I'm dangerous
or so you say
never have I been called that
not exactly a term of endearment
you said," I never know when to say hi or when to compliment people"
obviously not
let's try again
after all "tomorrow is another day"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Storm in a teacup

Jim Morrison once said,"I guess death it is a friend"
Or is it?
Teacups blown to bits
As the spoon swirls round
The sun sets down
Rose blooms at midnight
shouted 3 times
like peter who denied Christ
the paper is thrown and crumpled
lands next to the manifesto
The drug addict philosopher
struck again
spewing day old coffee grounds
as the old familiar itch sets in
fuck carved into the side of flesh
ok ok I"M ANGRY
you were right
I just can't drop everything
like a pair of heels at the end of the night
no it must be held onto and mulled into nonexistence
now lets kick it into overdrive
and remember to smile and be pretty wild
you'll be dead soon
or at least busy

Friday, January 15, 2010

Open your eyes

"Get away from these liars they don't get your soul or your fire"-snow patrol

You stare out at nothing
Possibly the images dancing in your head
Half moons under your eyes

Do you need to find a vein
Here let me help you
My heart is bleeding
So come on shoot up

How can I hate you?
"I never loved you enough to hate you"
But I hate who you've become
I can't look at you without
anger pumping through my veins

I just want to scream
You are sleep walking through life
If I stabbed you with the truth
You couldn't feel it
I pray to God
You hit that wall quickly

For now I will remember you
The way you used to be
Brown eyes dancing
With a fire now burned out

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Please leave me in my corner and don't ever call me baby

Crashing into my life once again
Leave me be
Truly I'm begging of you
My heart hurts once more
Playing that old familar tune
Which is funny because we never danced to it
Over dramatizing things
 Grace Kelly accuses me of
I just want to scream
And hit the hammer so hard
I break it before it breaks me
Somebody hold me
While I curl up into my little ball
Promises promises never come true
My candidates have been killed by yours truly
Pushing them
To their breaking point seems to be my speciality
Ring around my finger
Dancing to the dead
Driving over graves while running into trees
Maybe sleep will make the ache dull
silly girl trix are for kids!
 i'm only 17
Yet I feel 36
Death is at my door
 we had a nice chat the other day
 he told me to be ready
Ready for what I do not know
Mr.Castle crash anywhere but here

Monday, January 4, 2010

My monologue

I wrote this for my musical theatre  tryouts

There are many things I wish I could tell her

But at 17 you can’t see past his eyes into tomorrow

She looks at me now and sees a housewife who bakes a perfect cake

But not long ago I was her

In love with the"one”

Mama tried to warn me but I wouldn’t listen

I walked out of her house angry and bitter

I didn’t walk back in till her funeral 10 years later

I swore to myself I wouldn’t push my daughter away

So I bite my tongue and keep silent

Praying she won’t succumb to

The same clich├ęs I did