Friday, July 30, 2010

Anger wrapped about a smile

*I published this awhile back but then deleted so here it is again*

with simple things recognized lives change

people no longer the same

everything altered due to an admittance

some things are better left to the dead

from now on I'm gonna stick to lying

I think it's a better option than the truth

Head held high

yes I'm proud

and that's something that will never go away

come on try to break me I dare you too

dumb little boy

you wanna play games

fine then let them begin

I thought you were above that with me

but obviously not

truth: I cried all the way home last night

why wouldn't I?

I've lost you

yet again this always seems to happen

except this time

I'm the one that became obsolete

never enough

never what you wanted

that's fine

but you didn't have to hold me

Yet I remain here

and I'm glad I walked away last night

but I refuse to speak

so let your tone change

I hope you have fun holding your new whore

whoever she may be

she can be under your thumb

because you figured out a little too late

I can't be controlled

so go to hell

and have fun explaining

why I'm not at the wedding

One more failure

in your mother's eyes

"these are the roles we chose to play. I mean, look at us, sitting out here on this dock in front of the same house we've been haunting for years. We're practically ghosts of our former selves, and honestly, I don't think anyone really remembers what they're mad about anymore."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010's a little more complex

Some numbers were never meant to be redialed
let's be honest shall we?
No song will ever held to memory as "ours"
I need someone to hold me now
Cancer man is back
and all my prayers like crying in the rain
they didn't do me a bit of good
long winded I've become so watch me go quietly
Just let me go
forget ME please
I've got my own "soul to squeeze"