Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'd give anything for a carolina sky by morning

The ocean like the heart
holds many keys to unlocking
the secrets to the soul
it's only within
that ocean
that one can be found again

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Truth or Fiction

1.I do things sober most people do drunk

2. I'm always in the process of quitting smoking

3. I have a secret love hate relationship with Taylor Swift's music

4. I wish my insecurities were beautiful and not annoying

5. I used to be a lot stronger

Something to think about

I like whiskey with a cigarette and a diet coke I'm destined to be somebody's "whiskey girl"

"You have an excuse for everyone in your life don't you"?-A.S.
     yeah I do it's sad but I love like Jesus unconditionally

"Can't you just pretend to be happy when you're around me"?-BRM
     Baby for you I'd do anything and that's the problem
    ps.when you hold me now I still feel safe and when I close my
eyes I can still hear you singing,"I'd do anything Just to hold you in my arms"
while you held me rare even then....I remember realizing I had fallen for you"Amazed" was playing my hair was spread out all on the bed and we were kissing it felt right and you kept saying "you know I'm gonna end up marrying you right"? I wish you had been right
pps. "Every light in the house is on" just in case you still LOVE ME but we both know you won't call me back tonight.....I'd give anything for one of those 4 am your stoned as hell and asking me why I'm not there
and where I am....not gonna happen again

"Where do you see yourself in 5 years"?- Mom
Outloud,"I don't fucking know" inside "loved and cherished"

"Does he care for you"?-Papa
   I keep telling myself in his own way he still does....but we both know the truth one way or another