Monday, September 27, 2010

"Why did ever we meet"

"Well the night's busted open
On these two lanes to anywhere
There's a kiss on my cheek and it burns so I leave it there
And I step on the gas and something begins to shake
It's my heart and it's singing, boy this is more than you can take"- You don't wanna leave
I'm holding on to false hope
isn't that what we always do
I wish it didn't hurt this much
I wish I wasn't listening to "maybe"
over and over again
because I know it's over 
and it has been for awhile
so why do I return
to comfort?
you're like a band t-shirt forgotten
you bring me down
you try to break my spirit
and when you can't
you walk away
leaving me standing there
my life a country song
if only your name was joe
so this time
I'm going to be the one walking away
and leave you there like you left me
so many times before

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let's drop the Rhett and Scarlett act

Scarlett: Sir, you are no gentleman.

Rhett Butler: And you, Miss, are no lady.
I forgot how perfectly our hands fit
it kind of scares me now
you hurt me kid
and now every time I see you
I'd rather be in your arms
Everything is the same
everything is changed
I'm still wearing my St.Christopher
do your remember wearing it to Maine?
"too close too soon"
that's what you said last night
on yet another epic trip of ours
what did you expect?
I said nothing
instead I looked at the rain pouring down
and thought how I'd rather be kissing you in it
and then we almost ended up in Georgia
Arguing with you still one of my favorite things to do
but that girl she loves you
and you call her a victim.....
so what am I?
You opened a door you probably shouldn't have
so what did I do
I got on the interstate to clear my head
 I listened to all our songs
and my hair still smells like cigarettes
we were never very good at compromising
we work very well
when we are ourselves
this summer I've been trying to forget you
I ran and ran
you did too
but you missed me
you missed "this"
kissing you felt familiar and safe
However today you pulled away
I wasn't really shocked just dissapointed
I know you better than anyone
you know me just as well
so why is it so hard to admit?
I don't know
but I know when to let go
you've pushed me away
 So I'll be seeing you baby
Remember me

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day Old Hate

"you still speak of day old hate though your whole world has gone up in flames"

it's 3 am again
I'm not asleep cell phone off
essay written
"you can sleep when your dead"
that bitchin mix goin through my head
I just can't conform I just can't
If I do then I miss being "top banana in the shock depart
but is that even who I am?
Do I want to go through the next four years like highschool
loathing everything and everyone happy?
I really need to go out
but I kind of dig my book on the wall persona
self medicating with coffee and shopping
is it really all that bad?

"Hey there girl tell me what do you do"...."Nothing but I'm damn sure it's more than you"

Lately I've not been myself
maybe it's true I'm not good with change
I never believed it before 
but now I do
Giving up isn't an option
so I run home to the familiar
which isn't there
time has moved on and left me standing
in between yesterday and tomorrow
but I'm not going down without a fight
I mean after all I am my father's daughter
my will is too strong to be subdued
maybe just maybe time is all I need
but does time ever really change anything?