Thursday, August 28, 2014

Just another

She stares blankly
at the mirror
As she swipes
Her lipstick on
Just another day
And then like a hurricane
A shift can be felt
In the air
And a memory
Caresses her mind
Like a lover
And suddenly she's  taken back
Remembering for a short while
A time when she was happy
Back to the time when kissing him
Was the best high
She ever had
And after years of running
For a little while she stopped
And let this man hold her
But then again
Nothing is forever
And it wasn't wasted time
Maybe time lost
For she could never touch
His soul
The way he touched hers
When he found her
Little by little she lost him
And try as she might
She never got him back
He was in love with another
She was just something to pass
The time
There's something to be said about
Unrequited love
She muses
As she snaps back
To the present
The air as heavy with her memories
As it is with her perfume