Friday, June 25, 2010

"whine,complain,moan" that's all I ever was to you

it's easier to believe a lie than to accept the truth
some people are easily fooled
wipe that smile off your face
I can see behind it all
I wish I knew someone like that
instead I know people that don't really care
they look at you but they don't see you
comfortably numb cliche right?
well welcome to my life
an overused 3eb song
I want to scream and run around
telling the world to fuck off
instead I smile and pretend to be so coy
You cut me off before
.....I can say a word
is that really fair?
My temper tantrums are famous
everyone needs to see at least one
and you deserved to be on the receiving end
Don't answer that
"regret reminds you youre alive"
no shit
I'm not bitter
because I still have to see your face
annoying isn't it

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Remember me....kisses like lingering fingerprints

you can name 10 things I hate
it'd be easier if one of them was you
instead we remain bestfriends
just like that run together
something spell check missed
I really hurt you today
yet you forgave me
like always
I wasn't even trying to be spiteful
I was just kidding
you know I talk too much
but you put your arm around me anyway
I'd rather be with you fighting than anyone else
I'm glad I never said," i love you"
because in a way I do but not in the way it should be
I love you like a favorite band t
but not all consuming
like I always have before
life's so complicated
but with you even now things aren't really
because you kept your word
like always
there for me you still get me
but you never let me in
so where does that leave us?
I have no clue but.....I'm not crying
"we have all the time in the world"
you keep saying that
but some of us are just candles
trying to stay lit

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Seminole Wind

"I sat upon a Cypress stump,I listened close and I heard the ghost,of Osceola cry"

Both know the song by heart
Singing it with fervor
As her heart aches
For her dead and gone cowboy
Never to love again like she did with him
Years have passed but her love hasn't lessened
Another ring on her finger
Which remains unworn for one reason or another
She sees him everywhere
The wind holds her as he did
The salt stinging
She doesn't cry much anymore
True love never dies
Now she has a companion again
And a beautiful baby boy
But never again will she hear his voice spoken from his lips
That dream haunts me,"I'm just an image"repeated again and again
In that red truck coming up the drive
I haven't been back there in years and I don't think I will
The ghost of past memories haunt
If you listen at night you can hear the unlacing of his steel toed boots
And his laugh in the distance
Dead and gone is he
But true love never dies
Because the memories remain the same