Sunday, July 5, 2009

Coming of age the passing of time and I'm sorry folks this really isn't poetry just my strange prose

It's night like these with the breeze in my hair
a tiny bit sunburned
that I hope I remember

It's as if the older I get the younger I feel
going back to the park
back to those nights
when I had fallen "in love"
for the first time

when everthing was beautiful and nothing hurt
I remember dancing barefoot under the moon
feeling like a flower child from days gone

In a dress that still hangs in my closet
it hangs there like a memory lost in time
it's almost as if the memories would be disturbed
if I wore it again

the moon last night was yellow
and the boy that I had a crush on long ago
in his Raybans and ever present camo hat
came to my mind
He's lost now
I think his spirit died
on a late summer night when he realized
she would never be his again

Proving that "time doesn't erase people"
"People erase people"
which we do they hurt us and we eradicate them from our lives
leaving me to wonder if the pain would have been worth it
If any of them had stayed

Living in the past with my regrets
I'm trying to forget
but you can't erase these things from your mind
with the sunrise this morning
I realized that I have to put them away
in a little file in my mind
but my heart still gapes open
remembering all that I had
all that I have lost

the silence deafened me
as I tried to fall alseep at daybreak
because I realized I couldn't run anymore
which to me is moving on

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