Monday, December 28, 2009

Call me when you're sober

I give up
My hands I wipe clean
Of the mess before me
preaching doesn't help
Pleading makes it worse
You act as if I'm trying to crucify you
The one driving the nails
In that coffin you are so hell bent on getting
"Live fast die young"
That's your new motto
Let that be engraven upon your tombstone
Remember now
I'm not your girl friend
I'm not your babysitter
And I am sure as hell not your mother
So go take another hit
And watch me walk away
I'm glad my concern amuses you
you break my heart
Because I have to sit here and watch you go down in flames
Take a swig of jack
Now go light yourself on fire
You pressed the button for
Self destruction
But darling you could've called me....

1 comment:

Rayne said...

This makes me very depressed.