Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Please leave me in my corner and don't ever call me baby

Crashing into my life once again
Leave me be
Truly I'm begging of you
My heart hurts once more
Playing that old familar tune
Which is funny because we never danced to it
Over dramatizing things
 Grace Kelly accuses me of
I just want to scream
And hit the hammer so hard
I break it before it breaks me
Somebody hold me
While I curl up into my little ball
Promises promises never come true
My candidates have been killed by yours truly
Pushing them
To their breaking point seems to be my speciality
Ring around my finger
Dancing to the dead
Driving over graves while running into trees
Maybe sleep will make the ache dull
silly girl trix are for kids!
 i'm only 17
Yet I feel 36
Death is at my door
 we had a nice chat the other day
 he told me to be ready
Ready for what I do not know
Mr.Castle crash anywhere but here

1 comment:

Rayne said...

I'm sorry, but i laughed several times while reading this...your random outbursts of trix cereal and dancing...:) But I'm so sad you had to grow up so fast, but i know you know you're strong for it . You can come into my lap now, and i did you. I love know I'm always here. Always.