Monday, October 1, 2012

You never had me

cut so deep the scars will never heal
I'm gonna fall so hard I will never land
wild at heart
fuck it
my life consists of running
I will never be in one place I am falling apart
baby and you will never catch me
the whore is back
you didn't break my heart
who am I kidding I don't have one
how the hell could you not tell her the truth?
Yes I love him and I will be with him till the end of time
but you made me look like a fucking moron
like I was chasing something that didn't exist
yeah that's why you said everything you said
my god
I pity you
pathetic excuse of a man
go to hell
you'll never be anything more than what you are right now
and for that I will be satisfied
enjoy your mediocre life

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