Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kindred spirit

It's 2 am and you thought he'd call by now
Saying he was sorry
Made a mistake
It's 2 am
And you can't sleep
It's 2 am and this has fucked with your head way harder than you thought it would
Bc for the first time in years
You let someone see you
See how messed up you can be
Coming at them like a hurricane
And it fucks with you
Bc in the end you know how
You look
You built that wall for a reason
 he begged for it to come down
You dated someone for almost two years
and it never came down
This kid shot through it
In hours
Like it was made of glass
And you can't figure out why
It bothers you so much
Still it's 2 am
And you're alone
Smoking the days last cigarette
Wondering where he is

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