Friday, January 23, 2015

December 13, 2010

I went back last night
Looking for you
 I close my eyes
 And I'm 18
You're in my passenger seat
 Unbuckled as always
 you said
If we died
We'd go down in flames
You're my kinda crazy baby
You'd say again and again  
That was our thing
Bonnie and Clyde
A fight till the end
Years later
 I miss the screaming
I'd grab my keys
Throw my phone at
Your head
And leave
But I'd always come back
 that night on the dock                          
You proposed
It was too late
You set my things on fire
With a bottle of crown
The night you found
Out I was with him
Punched through a wall
You never acted rationally
Just on impulse
You're with your bleach blonde
 that I could never be
Working for your daddy
But that's not the life I wanted
To live
So now I blow down the road
For you
In other people
To feel that same
Madness all over again
But I can't find it
Because at the end
Of the day I can't feel
But fake emotion

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