Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Fall of Troy

Bloodshot eyes
I think I'm going to throw my blackberry in a river
"Underneath it all " just came on
and you know what?

Sj you were right
I want someone to want me
not a Barbiedoll

Hair never flowing straight
wearing my LBD's
I'm not goth I just like black

To be called baby
without being a sex kitten
My body will not be defiled by someone's lust

My shock justified
when you called
Until I realized
you are running

no femme fatale to sustain you
so you turn to the only thing that did before
I can no longer turn a blind eye

hearing your sins
burdens my heart
my mind screams

but.....I can't
so instead I close my eyes
to remember the beginning of summer
two disasters only 17
chasing each other down the hall

Spoken words then
became  broken
because it was easier
to remain in her bed
and now its easier to blow smoke in my eyes
in an effort to blind me

but I see you in your mist
the lighthouse remains unseen
and the fog horn goes unheard
the running will cease

when your Converse give out
you'll find you
But for now I release you unto him
I can't fix a broken spirit

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