Sunday, November 22, 2009

A cyclone of emotions, colors and partial thoughts

Moving forward in one thing
I fall flat on my ass in another
Last night underneath that sky
the cold air went straight to my lungs
and I felt alive
for once the coffee was too strong
by the time she finished her show
the lower half of my legs were numb
sitting in the backseat of the car
my song came on 
and this unoriginal claimed it as her's
I was about ready to put up and fight
when it comes to music I'm about as possesive
as I am about boys and style
"Style is innate NOT bought"
I remember being in 8th grade
 and this boy said to me,
" you just like it because no one else does and you have to be different."
I guess that's true
original to a fault
slightly narcassistic
I feel bad for those around me
they come into my reign of fire
and it's scary
like a robot bitch I'm ready to attack
writing this I think," Man I'm eccentric."
How sad is that?
the medication has worn off folks
I should stop......but I think I'm gonna go color the sky

1 comment:

Rayne said...

I love you and the thought that all of this is true even though...I would be telling you it's not.We are due for some cake making.