Monday, September 27, 2010

"Why did ever we meet"

"Well the night's busted open
On these two lanes to anywhere
There's a kiss on my cheek and it burns so I leave it there
And I step on the gas and something begins to shake
It's my heart and it's singing, boy this is more than you can take"- You don't wanna leave
I'm holding on to false hope
isn't that what we always do
I wish it didn't hurt this much
I wish I wasn't listening to "maybe"
over and over again
because I know it's over 
and it has been for awhile
so why do I return
to comfort?
you're like a band t-shirt forgotten
you bring me down
you try to break my spirit
and when you can't
you walk away
leaving me standing there
my life a country song
if only your name was joe
so this time
I'm going to be the one walking away
and leave you there like you left me
so many times before

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