Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kid Brother#1

 Know I love you even if I don't show it
I've not been the big sister you needed
and for that I'm so sorry
I'm so worried about you
being out in this world
reality hits hard at 4am
bc when do I ever sleep?
Sometimes I wish
 I could tell you to never grow up
but you have to and you are
I can't believe you're going to be 16 in 5 days
I remember being a sophmore like it was yesterday
Here's what I wish someone had told me
Stay true to yourself and don't let anybody change you
People don't understand "us"
"My people are the misfits
The ones that don't fit in"
It's ok to be that way
to be different
Search for yourself
search for what you love to do
and do it with such passion
DO NOT let apathy strike you
and don't ever take no for an answer
lastly listen to mom and tim
even if you don't want to
and maybe someday you'll thank me

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