Thursday, November 18, 2010

Love is Dead

   **Authors note** I wrote this in my Junior year of high school so it's not the best writing but it amused me when I came across it so I thought I would post it. (p.s. this is a satire)

    I love you possibly the three most overused words in the English language. They, also happen to be the most powerful 3 words that can grant access into even the coldest girl’s heart. In which one can use to take advantage and completely destroy the young girl. Yes, love them for the moment, but use them and then leave them. Why leave them? Various reasons their mother was insane, her hair started to get on your nerves. Maybe her sparkling, sapphire, blue eyes started to lose their appeal. A girl who is quite dull, but pretty to look becomes the object of one’s desires. Proving the point at hand that, true love is dead. The words I love you have lost all meaning due to womanizers much like Chris. Chris is a man rather an eighteen year old boy who has figured out that if he says those 3 magic words he can get any girl. Those, three words are not the only thing he uses, but that is what closes the deal.

   This really should be taken lightly people criticize him for what he does to young girls hearts. When, in reality he should be praised for learning how to play the game. Chris’s method can be cut down to three words seduction, flattery, and lies. He lies to everyone including himself. There, may be one or two people that he is honest with, but is that really a problem? He, isn’t really hurting anyone but innocent young girls who have yet to have had their heart broken. They need to have their heart broken, because it is a cruel world out there. Chris realizes this so in reality he is doing these young girls a favor.

If, more people realized this instead of criticizing him. Young girls would know that this is one of the rights of passage in life. In, actuality they need the womanizer’s of the world to prepare them for their journey later on in life. If, girls would open their eyes to this, and instead of mourning rejoice. Now, they can move on to the next part of their journey and life and maybe actually fall in some sort of “true love”.

Which, really is not true at all, but they do not realize this until it is too late. If, they did not learn their lesson the first time they deserve to go though the pain and heartbreak again. Really, Chris should be praised as a teacher of life’s hardest lessons, love is dead. Sooner, or later these girls will figure that out and he is just trying to help them get to that place quicker.

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