Saturday, December 18, 2010

This is what I want....cherry crush me now with a diet coke and slopes

I feel like i'm in a speeding car
shooting up heroin as i go down the road
 and i can't stop
 and he's the drug and the driver
this is what I want to run away with
but this doesn't exist in 2010
it barely existed in '91
but it's what I want
I'm so tired of being told to grow up
I get the fucking point
and yes you can be depressed for no reason at at all
anyone ever read shop girl?
for me it all began.....
and no one really wants to hear that story
not anymore
for so many years i sucked it up I swallowed pill after pill
they've stopped working folks
time for lithium?
electro shock?
am I just a lost cause?
no but I'm sick of wallowing in my woe is me kind of life
I suck at change
no shit but I didn't think it would be this bad
have they won?
not yet
but almost
thank god for lipstick, pearls, and perfume
or nothing would ever be ok

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