Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is there anybody out there?

once upon a time isn't that how all fairy tales start
 Well once upon a time I had it all
and it always hurts this time of year
we're coming up upon 9 years in 8 days
the sad thing?
it still feels like yesterday
yet it still feels like a dream
I always feel like a part of my heart is missing
and no one understands my soul
they just graze the top of it
I'm not screwed up like I always thought
just a little broken
like a scared puppy
no matter how many times I hear the words I love you
I have horrific nightmares of being left
no one understands that
the older I get the worse it becomes
tears keep spilling
while I wake up alone most of the time
haunted by memories of the past
knowing today won't be a fairytale
and daddy's forever gone

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