Sunday, May 3, 2009

This is NOT the sound of Settling

You know what I want? I want someone to be so madly in love with me that every song he hears reminds him of me. He, thinks I'm the most amazing thing in this world. He will love every quirk of mine. He will love sunrises not sunsets. He will never expect me to give more of myself than I can. He will understand that my heart has been broken before, because I've gotten attached too quickly.
He will understand why I still grieve over my father's death. Why I love coffee and how no matter who I've watched Casablanca with it can't be ruined for me. He is polite and opens the door for me always. He will not drink excessively or do drugs. We will be so different that it works. Fighting with me will be one of his favorite things to do. I want to frustrate him so much that he just has to kiss me. He doesn't have to understand my poetry but he does have to understand me. He must never expect me to change.
He has to like my hair better curly than straight. He will always love me in dresses and never expect to see me in a mini skirt. He will ask my permission to kiss me and will make me believe in marriage. He will surprise me with the little things he does. He will hold me all night if I need it and let me cry and he literally will wipe away my tears. He will respect me but challenge me in every way. He will always remember that I like gold better than silver. Pearls better than diamonds. He will like to stay up late at night but will understand why I take naps in the afternoon. He will be able to handle me and he will always be able to keep up with me. He will be my "Wonderwall".