Saturday, May 30, 2009


In her mind
she remembers who she used to be
Vaguely before the self loathing set in
Before the selling began
It all came down
To one breathy word
Four damning letters
That she sold her body
To him for
Really anyone that can offer
To her what she is missing
To fill up the gaping hole
That the scars, hunger pains,and self medicating never will
This to be the last attempt
At some kind of normalcy
Or so she thought
Until she woke up alone
With a note beside her
Saying,” I’m sorry I can’t.”
While not blinking an eye
She gets up and lights a cigarette
Goes into the cabinet and pulls
Out the only thing that daddy ever left her
That could have saved her
And she finishes her cigarette
The neighbors heard the shot
But no one cares about the wannabe Mrs. Robinson upstairs
Not even her mama came they burned her
And her only friend spread her ashes over his grave
Finally she was at peace just as she had been fifteen years before

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