Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The second installment of my funny rambling passed off as prose...enjoy

I drove to the city we both know well
Looking for answers to all my questions
But the "band was playing too slow"
And after all this time
I will bury you with the rest of my would be mistakes
Leaving me to wonder what I did wrong
Is it the same as always?
The fact that I will never be enough let alone for myself
Leaving everyone else out of the question
The respect is gone if it ever was there
I'm the girl who never has fit in
That scares people on a daily basis
"The things that come out of her pretty little mouth"
These past few years that has often been said by one disbeliever or another
I have never been the desired girl
Always second best you couldn't have her so you were with me
I've never worn knockoffs
I don't know why I allow myself to be treated like one
Maybe it's because I keep hoping one day you will wake up and realize that there is no one else like me
Please don't lust after me
I've been down that road
It was never as I imagined it
Being a vixen is lonely
I just want to be cherished
Like my favorite pearl bracelet
My jewelry has lasted
longer than any man
So why would I want any different for myself
Some how what I want and what my reality has been is quite different
"I should" have becoming a key phrase in my vocabulary
I sit here and I look back on my short but long 17 years and I think,"whatever happened to that kick ass girl who didn't take anyones lip"?
Raising my hand like the silly school girl I am
I know the answer because
it's always the same
She fell in love with love

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