Friday, March 19, 2010

I bring out the worst in everyone

We lay our hands on the future
and pray as the world becomes a resume
The journey to the middle couldn't
 Have come at a better time

If dreams show the mind
then I want to be rescued from him
Driving I hear your voice
And he dissapears
I need you like chaos

Feeling like penny lane
Different personas for every man
Making me either a common whore
Or a good buisness woman

Now I'm working off the mood
The ring of fire surrounds me

As eyes close and souls die
Come on and try to break my spirit
I'll cut my losses and figure out why

My blades a little rusty
but uh my mouths just as sharp
And give me a little time
 I will show you how to go down the street

But be careful not to make a mess
It's a bitch to clean up
 but as easy as you to do

Did I tell you to speak
Now you're under my thumb
Take that Mick Jagger

1 comment:

NBR said...

The thoughts I have after reading this poem are quite dark and yet very revealing. This was a great post, and I think your poetry is quite strong and thought provoking. It reminds me of a friend of mine's, and I really enjoy hers too. Great write.