Sunday, March 7, 2010

Catch My Fall

 "I wonder why it always feels like rain
My life is like some cheap champagne
The answers don't always seem to fit
My glass is full, but it tastes like shit"-Katy rose

My need for understandment
overrides my need to be accepted
I am a hypocrite
I do not understand others
but I expect them to understand me
it is completely irrational and unreasonable
thing to expect
my great expectations exceed yours
yet in your eyes I have failed you as a whole
getting it just isn't a priority
odd one out
book on the wall
is what I am
this becoming a repeat of 13
while beating a music stand
to its breaking point on the cold cement floor
back then I tried to
blame my life on someone else
remembering this
made me realize the question
who do we blame but ourselves
when we realize our situation ended
and our decision backfired

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