Friday, May 7, 2010

Carolina Girls Best in the World!

Today is a day to remember Shag the Movie
 I want to be in South Carolina right now and this movie is a Sc girls cult classic

Luanne:Damn damn damn!!!! Why does every damn thing have to happen when you're in a damn hurry

Buzz:"Well,don't play hard to get ,you might miss something"

Carson:"You don't know me, you don't love me, you sure as all damn don't want to marry me so why don't you leave me the hell alone?"

Buzz:"I don't think I can"

Buzz:"In my opinion, marriage is just a legalized form of prostitution."
Carson:YOU are not like any boy I've ever met!
Buzz: Well you're just like every girl I've ever met--you're stuck-up, tight-assed, and conventional.
Carson: Don't you swear in front of me! Maybe I don't believe in practicing free love! Who does?
Buzz: I do

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Rayne said...

Let's go...haha I loved your "Damn damn damn" part
and the "you sure as hell don't wanna marry what don't you leave me the hell alone" I remember those times and they never grow old. Like us.