Saturday, May 15, 2010

Realism is an easier pill to swallow so throw it in the blender

"some stories are better left to the dead"
now that death is no longer romantic
is it safe to say......
I believe in death more than I believe in love?
am I afraid you're going to walk away
probably with the same fear and intensity
that you are afraid of losing me as a friend
but don't you believe in being inexplicably intertwined?
Curtains blowing as the sun streams in
Summer is in the blood
and so is running
euphoria is lost and reality has set in
your deep sable eyes
sear into mine
 flame ignited
puzzles remain unsolved even with solutions in hand
just tell it to me straight
I'm going alone tonight
head held high
It's so much easier to be alone 
when you are alone
but when you're not
it hurts like hell
right now laying out and getting a killer sunburn
would be so much easier than living in reality
at least the pain would be welcome company

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