Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ghost in my driver's seat

Today I miss you
in fact these past few months
 I have missed you more than any other time
maybe it is because I can't imagine what life would be like if you were here
I'm chasing a ghost
looking for you in every corner
I need direction
I need you
to sing to me in your off key voice
" I think about you eight years old big blue eyes and a heart of gold"
instead I'm about to graduate
and I'm falling down for trouble with a capital T
Late at night coming home
I see you in the corner of my eye
forever young
If I could go back to one day
it would be that one  night coming home from dance
and "Blurry"came on and we sang together
it came on the other day
Somebody else was in the driver's seat
but we sang it just the same
I've never felt so alone and stuck in place
I act so independent and aloof
 but I want someone to hold me and tell me it's gonna be ok
Every man I've ever met has walked out on me
so isn't it easier to push him
isn't lying better?
 it's almost been 8 years since that day
I wish I could just give you one more hug
 I don 't hug people
because I didn't hug you before you died
so why should I hug anyone else?
I need to get over myself
but some scars run too deep
for even the prettiest band-aids to cover
so I let them leave me
if only because I believe you're out there
I just have to search
till then "i'll be seeing you"

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