Saturday, June 5, 2010

Seminole Wind

"I sat upon a Cypress stump,I listened close and I heard the ghost,of Osceola cry"

Both know the song by heart
Singing it with fervor
As her heart aches
For her dead and gone cowboy
Never to love again like she did with him
Years have passed but her love hasn't lessened
Another ring on her finger
Which remains unworn for one reason or another
She sees him everywhere
The wind holds her as he did
The salt stinging
She doesn't cry much anymore
True love never dies
Now she has a companion again
And a beautiful baby boy
But never again will she hear his voice spoken from his lips
That dream haunts me,"I'm just an image"repeated again and again
In that red truck coming up the drive
I haven't been back there in years and I don't think I will
The ghost of past memories haunt
If you listen at night you can hear the unlacing of his steel toed boots
And his laugh in the distance
Dead and gone is he
But true love never dies
Because the memories remain the same

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