Monday, January 3, 2011

Here's to the Volcano Girls

"A million miles of running and
I hit the wall,
I bounce back and I run some more.
But this is it, I'm giving up,
I'm calling quits.
So get down and meet me on the floor"

2011 let's go new years resolution already broken
once again idgie jumped a train
I'm here alone stuck in a room
surrounded by empty diet coke cans
wearing my usual uniform of highheels and pajamas
I'm sorry that I feel as if I don't know you anymore
I don't really know anyone anymore
not really
but it doesn't matter
are these emotions real or fake
syndicated by what I want to happen
someone to take me away
and take care of me
you think I should take a break from guys
I tried to explain no one gets close to my heart
and that's the problem
this one might make it
well it depends on if
he's worth my heart
but how does anyone know that?
Risks are a bitch
and idgie you're free to go
but remember no man is ever worth your freedom
he has to be free along with you
I love you
always and forever

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