Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I've always been the "difficult kind"

and we fall into the same old patterns
because it's easier than being alone
I think this as I laugh bitterly
I feel the wind on my face
as I careen through the night
hell bent on self destruction
a little bit at a time
because lets face it
"I'm too pretty to die"
I say as I inhale my cigarette
my passenger
a past mistake
laughs and shakes his head
I can't hear his voice over the music
and lets be honest I really didn't want to
I regretted bringing him along
his existence saddens me
I needed the burning end of a bright candle
to meet me in the middle
lost in thought
 I blink back
to the night I drove along the train
and I froze
memorizing the moment
now I know where it is
the only thing that lets me know
I'm not alone at 3 am

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