Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm a"Tuesday" kind of gal

sleepwalking through life
The feelings I have plastic replications
of what I've seen
and felt from other's lives
Numbing what you feel
and being so damn melodramatic
about everything
I'm really not that important
To sit here and wallow
and bathe myself in the regret of yesterdays
I long to love unabashedly
to feel fully alive when I wake
from the caffeine fueled night
To learn to forgive myself
first and foremost
let others love me
and not sell my soul
in the process of doing so
I've wasted so much time
in self pity and
not even actualizing the pain
as imperfect as I might be
I want to wake up in the morning
and not hate myself
for things I did yesterday
and to like the person I've become
We should laugh at the situations
we find ourselves in when
we think we've lost everything
and really it's just the beginning
to learning everything we need to know

Note: If, this seems cheesy it probably is, I'm not apologizing for anything. Have a great day.

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Malebolge said...

Wednesday afternoons. It's the right level of in-between.

How're things?