Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Milkshakes in Denial land

her eyes green
china like skin
hair flowing red
but her face
is what stops the world in motion
yet she surprises you
with blood stained hands
so unexpected in her flowing white gown
you would never see the knife
behind her back
she awaits him on the rock
in purgatory
her beauty still intact
death had consumed her long before
When he finally heard her call
he became mesmerized by the pain
they say misery loves company
and that's all he really wanted
he swims out to her
and climbs upon her rock
He kisses her lips cherry red
as he notices the tears
streaming down her face
he cups her face and says,"My love I'm here now forgive my former self"
With a flash in her eyes she says,
"I'm sorry this doesn't mean that I never loved you"
with the efficiency of a seasoned hunter
she makes a cut through and through
he reaches for her as he falls back
she turns from him
and crumples to the ground in a heap of stained satin
she sold her soul
to fulfill her deepest desire
Self destruction in life and death
by killing the one thing she had wanted most

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