Sunday, February 28, 2010


I open up my hands
and remember the way
yours unfurled into mine
I would kiss your fingertips
and look up
wide eyed
you said via txt I reminded you of Rose from the Titanic
rolling my eyes,"of course I do everyone says that"
watching it now
it had to be the way I played with your hands
as if drawing lines with my fingers
could bring me closer to your heart
as hot tears roll down my face now
as it always does with the end of this movie
he tells her, "never let go"
and we never do let go
memories never die
even as people change 
We keep them just as they were the last time we saw them
forever young ,beautiful ,and always loving
now as I look back on all I've given up to keep only a memory alive
those people don't exist anymore
yet I keep on wishing the future away
to go back to a past that wasn't mine to live
but why shouldnt I," it was a hell of  a long ride"
one never to be forgotten
wish you were here
I never let go

1 comment:

Rayne said...

I like this, too.
Want to know my image?
Spring wind...cell phone in your hand, along with 20 hopeful prom dresses and a heart to fly into something next. Bouncy hair, and a relationship you got carried away with like you and the sea.