Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To be 15 again.....nah I'll live with my mistakes

Hours fading into your face
Ill never tell you what happened so many years ago
I see the circles forming under your eyes
Those hours I spent curled up in that chair next to you
Never saying a word
It reminds me of that time we spent in that orchard so many years ago
Indian summer fading into fall
Playing catch me if you can
With what was left of our youth
As night came to dawn
We walked out on each other
Except I never forgot you
I've always loved you and probably always will
I didn’t tell you about my predicament
My little mistake I had taken care of
Something I've regretted all this time
They say “Regret reminds you you’re alive”
Regret makes me want to die
I came back to my roots last night
I walked into this little dive
There you were behind the bar
A small town bartender is your plot in life now
Whatever happened to the young activist?
I loved and knew back then?
I realized then answered my own question in my head
He died the day I went off to find my dreams
I left him in small town hell
Years passed and when I finally came back
He was different he had changed
He grew up and settled for what he thought was a life
As I went back to my child hood home that night
I cried for him I cried for my mistakes of the past
Most of all I cried for every dream he ever lost
After that night I moved on never looking back
To the boy with beautiful eyes who died inside himself so many years ago
Realizing that we all grow up
We all move on
And most dreamers die before their dreams ever do

**Go easy on this poem I was just a sophomore**

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