Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mrs. Robinson was cooler than the graduate

color outside the lines
you fail kindergarten
In a way
senior year is kind of like kindergarten
you go through similar emotions
knees shaking shortness of breath
really wishing for that
kickass box of crayola
we all count down to graduation
but aren't you scared
tell the truth
blustering like hens
contradicting words become truth
because we just can't make up YOUR mind
as you march on down
in cap n gown
looking back towards the door
wanting to leave and never come back
to this place of crayon persecution
officiating it is not needed for anyone
but mom
This is for her more than me
I could do without the blue
the smock like zip up is a little unflattering
if only graduation could be a little more like prom

1 comment:

Rayne said...

I love you and I am so thankful that you're in my life. And that I get to read your fabulous writing that makes me laugh a whole lot:) You're my slow cheetah forever,babe,and I know you hate the blue smock thing...but,it's for like, 3 hours.;) You'll have a kickass dress under it anyway!
Love you always foreva,chica