Thursday, February 11, 2010

Peacock wrapped about my neck....says the village idiot

He's pinned together
like a jacket from
punk glam
yesternight had fallen
and the door opened
with a gunshot round about
gone insane from the pain
of wrong love
bonfire started
evidence burned
as the smell of plastic
singes the air
tears fall from his eyes
upon his scarred face
his sternum cracked discovered
when death emerged
caused by the rage of brother to brother
Cain and Abel
if Abel had lived
only to be buried
feet first in front of him
the trees whisper
daddy's getting what he deserves
rather than die or even live alone
he became a prisoner in his own body
whatever happened to him?
Time wasn't in his plans
the cancer ate today
a horrid death
to succumb to
what if he really wasn't
what if Texas held my identity
an overused phrase WHAT IF
makes up most of society's panic
what if the all seeing eye blinded itself
Ridiculous thoughts will always occur

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