Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This year's Love

         It's February the air is filled with hope and dread. The hope of people in love praying that their significant other fulfills their expectation of what a "valentine" is. Dread coming from people like me single people who have mixed emotions about the holiday. I have decided not only do I have little relationship knowledge I'm slightly challenged when it comes to relationships. I am only seventeen and should probably give myself a little bit of slack. How can I though,in a world that is relationship obsessed? I have never had a successful long term relationship. As a young girl I yearned for a love  like my parents had and that is what I have expected an amazing story like theirs. I've had to realize I can't find my father in another guy. He is dead and gone I have to go on and live my own story. Not letting the past define my life. A person dear to me said,"Love isn't about the big things like we always imagine. It's about the little things in between that lead to the big moments. It's spinning in the road or going in the snow or kissing the forehead or saying good morning. Without those there isn't a friendship in love it's forced."(JMM) I've been in love but I have never been loved as deeply as I loved. . No matter how much you love someone you cannot force them to love you back. I have to remember that the little boy who cried "love" is just that a little boy. So this February I will not allow my past to define my attitude towards Valentine's Day. So ladies and gents wear pink and red enjoy the candy and love everyone. Oh and don't stop believing....

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Rayne said...

I love you
This is my 4th year watching you walk into Valentine's Day.I'm here for you...and things are different this year. Hold your head high,baby. Remember your strength and remember you got me,girl.
"Don't stop believin"