Sunday, December 7, 2008

A chipped china cup and its partner

Raw overexposed
Sitting in a mess of a girl
Realizing what she's here for and who she's with
Can I leave I ask myself
And I always reply with the same answer
No just bide your time
Searching for something more
Having found it and yet feeling as if I've dropped it
Yet again I never do anything right
I feel as if I'm damned to hell
And slowly it's pulling me down
Oh, but I am condemned
But it doesn't have to be that way
There's freedom out there He's the key
But I don't understand the simplicity of it
Am I just that ignorant or just too analytical
It can never be just one or halfway going towards the other
It's either all or nothing
With that little speech
She coaxed herself up off the floor
Went to the mirror smoothed her hair and fixed her makeup
She then went about her day
Living in her beautiful denial
What is a girl to do with?
What she is given
So many mistakes she's made
The world seems to be her oyster
But so far she's made an utterly interesting pearl
All covered in muck and such its brilliance hidden by the mud
Where does she go from here?
They all ask me this everyday
I answer them with a short but everlasting answer
To go on
Just go on

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