Monday, December 29, 2008

Moleskine Notebooks upon random musings

     Moleskine notebooks......SIGH! I love them almost as much as I love pearls with my Jimi Hendrix t- shirt. I have one which I call my LBOT or little black book of thoughts. It's a bit battered, but then, again so am I. We, get along quite well I paste it back together and it provides me with a safe outlet. Anyway, back to why I was originally blogging my new moleskine planner. It is one of my new favorite things. My, life is always out of control, so when I buy a new one I feel as if my life will finally get organized. Haha, not going to happen, but that is okay he loves me even if," I'm like a tornado every time I walk in the door everything becomes unhinged." I kind of enjoy my crazy tendencies as does everyone around me...well one can hope. For, now I leave you people to watch Rumor Has It. Fabulous movie watch it if you can.
Words to Live by:
Beau Burroughs: Life has to be a little nuts sometimes. Otherwise it's just a bunch of Thursdays strung together.

I didn't come here to tell you that I can't live without you. I can live without you. I just don't want to. - Sarah

Drink up all you future Mrs. Robinsons!

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