Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fast times at wishing high

He's gone now to a place far away. Where all his troubles disappeared as he drove that silver bullet onto the highway. He was never happy here all those nights she remembered with blank stares into the air above her head. A dreamer, a lover, a boy that could never be understood. Looking back she recalled that he was shallow, self centered, and rude." Rude, hmm maybe that was taking it a bit to far." she mused in her head.

She was sitting on the sidewalk of the biggest chained coffeehouse in America. The kind that shut down atmospheric ones like the Bard.The lacking of atmosphere was present and persistent.Not that it was completely devoid of it either, but it tried too hard. She was brought back down to reality when she thought back to that night in March in the parking lot. It was freezing and she was in a come hither dress and heels. Great for getting the guy awful for hanging out in a parking lot. That, would mark the last time they hung out as a group altogether. They, were missing Monkey, but he hated her for reason known and unknown. Which helped in their encouragement for her to go to a super sweet sixteen wannabe bash.

She had been called,"jailbait" for the first time that night by a boy with more piercings than she had ever seen. He cursed like a sailor which only drew her to him like a moth to a flame. Longing to be held in his embrace. The phrase," looking for love in all the wrong places" should have been tattooed on her forehead. This, boy was a stereotypical "bad boy" right down to the strategically ripped jeans and converse. She had to be home by curfew so she couldn't go downtown to a "bar" (that was really a club) with him. Afterall, she was only 15 and couldn't pass for 18 to save her life. She knew that she could have tried but she didn't.

One of her regrets in life would not be taking enough chances. She, would always be the girl with a great big personality that was stuck to the wall. She was raptured out of her thoughts,when a blue eyed boy came and put his arms around her saying," hey baby." With an end put to her musing, she got up went inside ordered her usual. Hoping today would be the day she put an end to her regrets.

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