Saturday, December 27, 2008


Words no longer free fall into my head my thoughts are consumed with you. I write like I'm dying without you right beside me. Honestly that is what I feel like. "You're everything I thought that I never wanted."You said that to me the other night as you pulled me closer to your chest. I feel the exact same way. Later on as you held me you said," I never want this to end." For you to say that was a big deal. You completely caught me off guard taking my breath away just like you do when you kiss me. The term " weak in the knees" describes the way I feel when you kiss me. You love me unabashedly in every way. You've held through the thick and thin.You make me feel beautiful on my worst day.I'm sure the way that I am describing my feelings and thoughts make some sick. I completely understand a year ago today I was miserable and would not recognize the person that I have become. I would never have thought that I would be happy but I am. I became happy by breaking all my rules or rather letting him break them for me. I stopped listening to people. The majority rule became one and that one was and is me. That is my best advice to just let go and learn what love is.

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