Monday, April 20, 2009

The day James Dean walked away

I wish I knew what to say but I don't.
Everything remains the same
but it changes
and God give me a chance
For you I'll change
I wish I couldn't care
I wish I could let you go
but you are my champagne supernova
"A dreamer dreams she never dies"
and it dawns upon this dreamer that
my dreams may die
even if I don't
and I'm sick of crying
I don't want you to remember me
this way remember me
smiling laughing flirting
anything but crying and screaming
you deserve more my dear
than my dramatics can allow
more than anything you
need someone who can separate themselves
from their heart
So passionately I love and still do love you
yet here we go again another jaded lover
gone again
And at the end of this
am I really surprised that this
is how it ended?
I fucked up
and You remained you
beautiful in all your misery
I hope you can find a girl
that isn't me
I wore too much lipstick
for you anyway
We were never meant to be but it was
pretty while it lasted
And for me you'll never leave
the imprint left upon me
will never cease to be
you tattooed your initials on my heart
goodbye my rebel without a cause

1 comment:

dollyd93 said...

Your poetry is mind-blowing. I love your word combinations-Champagne Supernova-love that! Very Powerful stuff.

When I land on your blog, I have to take the time to really ponder the emotions and meaning beneath your words. I love the challenge and the path my mind and feelings wander down when I take the time to give your works justice.

Keep it coming and keep on truckin' dollyd