Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm always Wendy

The caffeine's been pouring into my blood baby
as the realization
sets in
you're pushing me away
so what do I do
I sleep all day and stay up all night
I want you to want me like I want you
I don't think you ever will
Don't tell me you love me
then threaten to leave
real life doesn't work like that
my hearts been shot to hell and back
you know that
but you don't know what you want
it would be so much easier
to walk out
but instead I lay in bed
and stare at my phone
and wonder how you can be out to three
you don't want to wake me
bullshit I never sleep
you know that
instead you run
from me probably the person
that cares the most about you
yet I remain here waiting on you
hoping you'll call tonight
and tell me what I want to hear
I wait in vain because
the anger that seethes within you
will never leave
I realize that after the fact
of falling
I got what
I've always wanted
a cheesy 80's film romance
except I'm in St.Elmo's Fire
and you're Billy

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