Sunday, April 12, 2009

The girl with the pearls stands on the corner underneath the neon lights and she cries

I miss him
and the more I sit here
I think about the last time I saw him

and I smile
When I remember that it was raining that night

I think of that phrase," It was beautiful and nothing hurt."
So many things in life that cannot be said of
but this whatever it is
for now that can be said

People will say," oh, here we go again."
I can't help, but plea with them

that it is different this time
For he is the only one to understand
They dismiss THIS

and him with a wave of their hands

I can't help but feeling out of control
with everything that happens

yet I wouldn't trade a moment
of it all in fact if anything
I'd ask for more
and maybe just maybe
he can be my sunrise

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