Monday, April 13, 2009


hard blue
on her knees sobbing weeping
like a mad woman
her eyes
they've become glazed with pain
no longer the girl she used to be
she's the woman she has become
maybe by circumstance
maybe by her own will
I still wish I could have
known her then
without the screaming,the yelling, and the disappointment
to see her eyes without the pain
would be a miracle in itself
I see her in the pictures with him
and she radiates youth and beauty
when he holds her
and you know
he was her everything
and she was his
the kind of love that you read about
but never really know
the one that goes down in the storybooks
but if it's real then it must end in tragedy
She gets that call
and rushes to see him
but, he's already gone
I'll never forget the day
she buried her heart with him
I can still hear the train
whispering in the spanish moss
while she cried behind his raybans
and kissed his casket one last time
before they lowered him down
I'll never forget watching her collapse
after the burial that day
it's something I would see
quite often in the next few years
nothing could remedy her heart
for it lay next to his
forever beating as one

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