Thursday, April 23, 2009

Someday you'll be someone's classic 36

"Twisting and turning your feelings are burning you're breaking the girl she meant you no harm"
-"Breaking the Girl" RHCP

Delegation of the nation
to whom we've become
The lady of the night
in which blue on black
hits you more or less
over the head

As he insults your life
and you hate him
and the plastic is hard
to remove
and the feeling sets in
as you look across
his face

You went down the lane
not across the street
it doesn't do the job
as we come to each other
blood upon blood

which boils
beneath the layer of hate
and the rest lies hidden
underneath the pretty layers
starving for something more
something less than
the few
other than his
to contain

Your head to rather
not be a foolish face
which your mind concieves
more often than not
"Lover you should've come over"
Ringing through your head

Knowing that you need to stop
the spread of the disease
and create a remedy
to your sickness
which began with a look
from your eyes to his
and I look to him
and say, "Baby don't break her."

Not like you broke me
but, knowing it's going to happen
I watch
and my words become null and void
I realize as I look upon this situation
it's you and me
and I'm an outsider
trying to save me from myself
it's all in vain
but then again that's the beauty
of the situation
one's own hell
repeated over and over again

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