Sunday, June 21, 2009


He still can taste the salt on the wind
as he remembers her form draped in white
In the early morning light

She was so beautiful
but she was a disaster
the scars on her body
were part of her charm
each one had a story to tell

Her laugh was filled with remorse
as he took her hand
fingernails painted red
led her up the winding staircase
to the room with a view

They both knew it well
because, through the years
time after time
they're paths would cross
again and again

Forcing each to become a comfort to the other
they grew dependent on one another over the years
she more than he
but then again is that not always
the way it seems to be

She didn't take up with another
the last time they parted ways
and when he called her this time
she really wasn't the same

She dwelled upon
the fact that each time
with the same lingering "I love yous"
in the air
he still would be gone by the 4th day
the note always the same
"stay as long as you like had to catch a flight to......"
London, Paris,Milan,Venice
each time different each more exotic than the next

Places she only dreamed of
but had never been
He was always running away from something
she was just there by default
to comfort him
when he called upon her
in her village by the sea

That final morning he left
she awoke knowing she'd be alone
shaking the sleep from her eyes
she knew she would never be enough

With that she arose
a white sheet wrapped about her
went down to the cliff overlooking the shore
She thought of suicide from time to time
instead she decided to take a cue from him and leave
with just a note
except she wouldn't be coming back

Which he only realized this after
her cellphone number changed
her apartment sold
and she was gone

The white sheet on the floor
note written in lipstick on the mirror
she always knew how to make a dramatic exit

the windows left open
as he put the sheet to his face breathing in her perfume
he could still taste the salt on the wind
remembering everything as it had been

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