Friday, October 23, 2009

Falling Back to Life

jb this amazing web site where you could put your thoughts to songs is closing its user accounts so I'm putting my favorite posts on here. This website was the starting place for my will be missed

Falling back to life
LOCATION: overlooking the lake , Florence,South Carolina
YEAR: 2008
TAGS: heartache, love, bittersweet
PUBLISHED: May 19, 2008
Song:Motorcycle Drive By-Third eye blind

She's free yet weighed down

She loves but she's never been in love

So naive yet jaded in a pretty way

The kind of girl you'd never guess likes to bleed for fun

Puts on a face everday just to hide the scars

Everything she is, is everything you never wanted to be

At the moment She's so alone yet so alive

She talks in circles never to be understood

She waits for Prince Charming

She's everything "They" hate

Who are "They"

Hell if I know

but this is my life

so come take a peek inside

my heart is bared for all

You'll never look because you don't really care

It's really okay because

"I knew that I could never have you,"

I remember that day with bittersweet tears of forgotten yesterdays

Still I love you in my own way

Well with what I know of love

which isn't much except heartache and obsession

If you ever read this dear boy know that everything you ever thought was wrong

So go back home

and please just leave me alone

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